Before You Install WPSiteStack



Backup all your files and your database!

Before you install WPSiteStack you need to install a working version of WordPress. WPSiteStack installs on top of an installation of WordPress it does not include a version of WordPress.

It makes managing your site easier if you do not use the default installation of WordPress as a valid site. If you name this site “Default” or “Root” or something like that then you can easily see if something has gone wrong when adding new sites to your configuration.


Here are some things to consider before installing WPSiteStack.


All sites using a single installation of WordPress must use some permalink structure or no permalinks. You cannot mix sites. We suggest you use permalinks on all your sites. Each site can use a different permalink structure, but you must have permalinks enabled.

WordPress turns permalinks OFF by default so when you first install a new site it will break all the other sites until you enable permalinks.

The best way to handle this is to set your .htaccess file to read only after you setup your first site.

Site Maps

If you use the ‘Google XML Sitemaps’ plugin, you can manually set the location of the site map file in the plugin configuration.


All sites will use the same favicon for now.


All sites will use the same robots.txt file for now.

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