WPSiteStack allows you to configure one installation of WordPress to power multiple WordPress web sites.

Benefits of multiple installations of WordPress:

  • Much easier to update core WordPress
  • Much easier to update plugins and themes
  • Much faster to set up a new site

Who Should Use WPSiteStack?

  • Anyone with Multiple WordPress Sites that you consolidate to make your site maintenance much easier.
  • Consultant that sets up sites for clients and each site usually has it’s own domain name then WPMultiSite is probably perfect for you

Who Should NOT Use WPSiteStack?

  • If you have two or three WordPress sites and not planing to add any more then WPMultiSite is probably not for you
  • If you want every user to have their own blog then the standard Multi Site function of WordPress (formally known as WP MU) is probably more appropriate for you

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