installer_icon128WPSiteStack is not a plugin. This application stands beside your WordPress installation. Because WPSiteStack is capable of managing hundreds of sites it cannot operate as a plugin.  This process creates a directory named wpss and the application runs from that directory.

Basic Installation Steps

Installing this application will be very easy if you’ve installed applications or scripts before. Basically we’re going to obtain the files and then upload the files to the server. Then once the application is on the service we’ll lead you through the configuration and initialization steps.

Warning: Backup all your WordPress files BEFORE you begin the installation process.

Unzip Files Locally

Unzip the downloaded zip file on your local system. This will create a wpss directory (a directory named wpss ).

Upload Files to Your Server

Upload the wpss directory from your local system to the root directory of your master WordPress installation (including folders). This will create a wpss directory.

Here’s what a typical directory structure looks like:


Run the WPMultiSite Installer

Run the installer by entering the URL of the setup file:

(change to your site name)

Follow the instructions provided during the installation process.