documentationWPSiteStack was created for independent web consultants that use WordPress to create sites for there clients. As a web consultant who is involved with WordPress you how important it is to keep your WordPress software updated. With WPSiteStack you can operate many sites from one installation of WordPress which mean when you update one site you are really updating them all. There no more need to go from site to site updating software every month or so.

WPSiteStack lets you use one installation of WordPress to create as many WordPress sites as you’d like (only limited to available resources). WPSiteStack allows you to share plugins and/or one database for all your WordPress Sites. Each site has its own options. Most sites have very common requirements so it’s very practical to have your plugins and themes installed and ready to go. It also makes keeping up to date a breeze sense when you update a plugin on one site they are updated on all sites.


  • Quick and easy updates (updating one/updates all)
  • Uses less resources than multiple installations
  • Installs on virtually any hosting account (no VPS required)

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